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Going slowly analog. Roll by roll.

Podgorica, 2013.

Days spent near train station.

Bajo, 2013.

Good friend Bajo.

Ex bookstore, 2013.

Not so long time ago this was a bookstore. These days...

Doclea, 2014.


Friends in crime, 2015.

They are always together.

Život, 2013.

Život (Life). Bajo's hands.

Lada, 2013.

Logs, 2014.

Love couple, 2013.

This was a love couple image but after a long exposure.

Milosava, 2013.

Viliage person.

P., 2014.


Plastic life, 2013.

Everithing is plastic nowdays.

Promise, 2013.

A long way friend promise.

Šetnja, 2014,

Šetnja (a walk) on a railway road to Niksic.

Spotlight, 2015.

To be in spotlight or not.

Sudija Keković, 2013.

Ex law prosecutor.

Vlado i Sanja, 2013.

Vojna, 2014.

Vojna (military built apartment complex in Podgorica).

Voz, 2014.

A train to Niksic.

Water, 2015.

Simple as water.

Where to, 2014.

Going somewhere???