PROJECTS Time of Change - ongoing
Ekološka domovina - ongoing
WORKS 2023
In Studio
Time of Change - ongoing

Are we invisible witnesses of time like a shadow that imperceptibly passes through the streets, not changing reality, but only absorbing it?

Or are we able to feel the pulse of the street and wonder about our role in the endless dance of changes?  Stopped in what seems to be an eternal cycle of transition and change, we rush towards an unclear future, not fully understanding the present and not thinking about the past. The rhythm of life blindly leads us through time that flows faster and faster, in a frantic desire to get somewhere, but nobody knows where. The rhythm of the city pulsates persistently on the faces of its inhabitants and bears witness to their unbreakable bond.

Photographs help us stop and look at those faces and bodies in motion. They invite us to embark on a unique journey through street scenes that reveal deeper layers of human emotions and social dynamics. They skilfully capture moments of quiet rebellion, facial expressions full of hope or sadness, gestures depicting the flow of blood in the veins and streetscapes that foreshadow the future and bear witness to the past.

Each photograph is a witness to the passing of time, but also to eternity in the moment. It reminds us that we are part of something bigger, that our stories and emotions shape the world around us.